Major World Sport Events

  1. FIFA World Cup: it is the mother of all football tournaments and the most popular of all

  2. National basketball association: this tournament can be called the FIFA of basketball as its grandiosity is no less than that.

  3. NLF or National Lacrosse Championship is a big thing among the college graduates of USA.

  4. UEFA Champions League: it is a grand and glamorous world-class football competition that brings together all the ace teams of the world.

  5. UEFA European Championship: this mega tournament dates back to 1958 and has been winning hearts since then without failing for once.

Bartlesville – The Ultimate Sport Community Site to Join In

Bartlesville is a small but beautiful city in the county of Washington in the American state of Oklahoma. The city that lies on the banks of the Caney River has an interesting history. Its when the son-in-law of Charles Journeycake, who was the chief of Delaware, Jacob Bartles moved to this place which was then an Indian territory from Kansas in 1873. He chose to settle beside a natural lake that is now located in the southern part of modern Bartlesville, named the silver lake. He gradually opened a post office and a trading post in the county and then slowly opened a grist mill thus developing the city slowly and steadily. Today Bartlesville is a major tourist attraction for the sports lover for the Bartlesville football that has made a name of its own.

Bartlesville as a Sports Community

Bartlesville is a city that is mainly dependent on tourism. But despite that, the people of Bartlesville are sports lover and maintain an exclusive sports community that comprises of people of all age group. There are many notable sportspeople from Bartlesville who have made their way to the world history of sports. Omar Browning, who was a basketball coach in the Olympics, Louis Skurcenski, Emeka Okafor and Mark Price, the famous basketball players, Tim Pugh, the baseball player and many more are such names that are framed in gold in the history of the sport of Bartlesville.

The Sports Teams of Bartlesville

All sports have different sport commission clubs in Bartlesville who make up for the teams.

  1. Soccer Club of Washington County is famous for soccer.

  2. The Youth Baseball and the youth Softball Association and Bartlesville Softball League for the baseball and softball

  3. YMCA for Bartlesville football

  4. Wrestling club of Bartlesville for wrestling

  5. Phillips 66 Club for gymnastics

  6. Eclipse Volleyball Club for volleyball

  7. YMCA for Basketball

  8. YMCA for Kickball

  9. Bartlesville Tennis Association for tennis and table tennis

  10. Bartlesville Pedalers for cycling

  11. Sportsmen’s Club for Rifle/Shooting Range

Popular Sports Events in Bartlesville

Bartlesville has become a popular sports hub for people in and around the city. The city offers many types of sports among which Bartlesville football is the most popular form of sports among the high school athletics. Bartlesville football YMCA team is a famous Bartlesville football team that gives the opportunity to the boys to play in the Indian Nations Football Conference. Other than Bartlesville football, sports events like Baseball, Softball, wrestling, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheer, Splash, Kickball, Golf, Tennis, Table Tennis, Cycling and Rifle/Shooting Range are very common in Bartlesville. Bartlesville Bruin football is a sports club that trains high school athletes who are interested in Bartlesville football. There are many other sports club other than Bartlesville bruin football, but Bartlesville bruin football has a name of its own when it comes to Bartlesville football training.