Bartlesville Sports Commission

Hall of Fame

The Bartlesville Sports Commission established the Bartlesville Athletic Hall of Fame to honor athletes, coaches, teams and individuals who have made a lasting contribution to athletics and athletic endeavors in the Bartlesville area.

In doing so, we are recognizing not only the worthy inductees but also the value of athletics to quality education, personal enrichment, family values, community, and professional success.


Any alumni or friend of Bartlesville Athletics may submit nominees based on the following criteria:

Athletes – A former Bartlesville athlete who performed with excellence, leadership and dedication. Must have graduated from high school and have been out of school for at least five (5) years. Nominees must be, or have been, a credit to his/her family, community, and athletics. The nominee may be either living or deceased.

Coaches – A nominee must have been a coach who has distinguished himself demonstrating exceptional leadership, character, and athletic achievement during his/her time in Bartlesville. Nominees must either have retired from teaching altogether or have been retired from coaching for five (5) years. The nominee may either be living or deceased.

Teams – An entire athletic team may be nominated for the Hall of Fame. The team should have achieved extraordinary results and distinguished itself through its effort as a team. Teams must have performed at least five (5) years ago.

Award of Merit – A person who has been a loyal and devoted supporter of Bartlesville athletics and/or has made a significant contribution to Bartlesville community athletics. The nominee may be either living or deceased.

2017 Hall of Fame Induction Gala