Jerry Cozby | Bartlesville Sports Commission

Jerry Cozby | Bartlesville Sports Commission

Jerry Cozby

Retired as the Golf professional at Hillcrest Country Club after 41 years. He played on 3 National Championship teams, 2 at Odessa Junior College, and 1 at Lamar.

Jerry Cozby clearly earned the respect of his peers. Among his numerous honors: National PGA Golf Professional of the Year (1985), National PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame (2005), National Junior College Hall of Fame (2009), and Golf Week Father of the Year in 2012.

Jerry has been married to his wife Karole for 47 years. His 3 sons Cary, Craig, and Chance all played golf for the University of Oklahoma and followed their dad into the family business. Cary is currently the Golf Professional / CEO of Wichita Country Club. Craig is a sales representative for Ping, and Chance is VP of Tournament Players Relationships at Ping.

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