Sports Teams in Bartlesville

Although the community of Bartlesville offers parks and also leisure facilities, it does not directly provide sporting activities or recreational programs. Nevertheless, there are several possibilities in our area, and we urge you to discover one that continues to be for you as well as your family. Programs such as baseball for young people and also grownups, softball, football, football, basketball as well as various other sports are supplied by different independent and separate organizations in our community. Below you will find you get in touch with information and also program relate to which the population of Bartlesville parks as well as Recreation Division has partnered. Please accessibility your information below as well as call them straight to take part in your programs.


The Washington Area Football Club supplies three different football programs for young people: Academy soccer (4-10 years), affordable Soccer (11 years lost) and also entertainment Soccer (11 years shed).

Baseball/ Softball

The Washington Area Youth Baseball, as well as Softball organization, uses four baseball Divisions for children (Teball, 8-and-under pitching Maker, 10-and-under as well as 12 and also under), as well as five softball Departments for girls (Teball, 8-and-under Pitching Device, 10-and-Under, 12 and even Under, and also 14 and 16 above).

American Legion Baseball is a baseball league for the competitive children of three groups: The Indians of Bartlesville Dodges Ford (19 years of ages as well as under), the endure lin Bartlesville the United States. (17 as well as under), and Pipeline Warriors Bartlesville Oilfield (16 as well as under).

Amateur Baseball in the Bartlesville location offers affordable and useful divisions for kids under 14, under 16 and 18. The program is provided in collaboration with the YMCA, which carries out the application.

The YMCA offers three periods of softball for grownups, consisting of mixed and guys’ teams. The games are hung on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, accurately.


The Bartlesville Location YMCA uses a children’s football program as part of the Indian Nations Football Meeting. Contact the YMCA at 918-336-0713.


The Bartlesville Wrestling Club offers an affordable fumbling program for youngsters.


Phillips Gymnastics Club 66


Bartlesville Volley Ball Club Eclipse


The Bartlesville YMCA uses the residence Basketball League, along with the Indian nations basketball meeting, of which the YMCA is a member company. Adult basketball is supplied for three periods throughout the year on Sunday evenings.


Bartlesville YMCA: 918-336-0713

Bartlesville Adult Football Organization

The Bartlesville grown-up Soccer League forms teams based on the number of Amazing that play 6v6 in the lands below 10 with a goalkeeper. The games are played on Sunday mid-day at 2 p.m. as well as 3: 45 p.m. at Robin wood Park in Benbrook Fields, in front of Frank Phillips’ Blvd. The get in touch with contact number is 918,516,8202. Nevertheless, this number is examined weekly and is not its critical ways of interaction. The best means to get in touch with BASL is to utilize this get in touch with a web page.

Bartlesville Softball Organization

The Bartlesville softball Organization uses men’s and also combined leagues, and also trains teams within these leagues based upon registration. The games are used Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and too Sunday nights at the Artunoff Softball Complex.


The YMCA supplies a brand-new unique kickball program called the organization.

Bartlesville Nightclub Golf Club

The Bartlesville YMCA area offers a wide variety of recreational activities for adults.

Tennis/ Table Tennis

Tennis Association Bartlesville

Table Tennis


Bartlesville Pedals

Rifle/ Archery

Sports men Club